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Dossier Change.

Lora Dykstra - 2009-06-04
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When you start the adoption process you are told to expect changes and we have just had our first (maybe of many, hopefully of few). Yesterday, we got an email that told us that due to a change within Bethany, we would have to re-do a couple of pieces of our dossier.  So yesterday we got our new papers printed, signed and notarized, then it was off to the Office of the Great State Seal in GR.  After 35 minutes of waiting, $4 fee, and 10 minutes in the mall play area to keep the children sane, it was back on the road to Bethany's Corporate office in GR. 

And even though a change like this may seem bothersome, we find it a time to thank God.  I believe if we would have turned in our paperwork a month ago, our papers would have gone to Washington DC to get Authenticated (and we'd pay the $400 fee) and then when this change came around, we would have had to redo them like I did yesterday and then have them Authenticated (is that a word?) again and I'm assuming with more fees.  So this timing of the change probably caused no delays and probably saved us some money...Praise God on both accounts!

So now we continue to wait to hear that our papers are on their way to D.C.  Then hopefully some time this month they will fly over the ocean to their new home in Ethiopia!
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Dossier Complete!

Chad Dykstra - 2009-05-24
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After watching the mailbox since our out-of-state documents headed back to the states they came from...our time of watching is over!

Our final two documents came this weekend - one from California on Friday and one from Illinois on Saturday!  We made our final copies and our dossier packet is assembled and ready to go!  We'll be able to drop it off in Grand Rapids on Tuesday morning! 

After submitting, we just wait to hear that the paperwork made it safely to Ethiopia.  That is when the big wait begins!  We'll update as soon as the paperwork arrives!


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A little closer...but not quite done

Lora Dykstra - 2009-05-11
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Our dossier is closer to being finished but we hit a couple small bumps in the road today.  We got everything notarized and together to get the "Great State Seal".  After driving to GR and waiting for 25-30 minutes, I found out something I probably should have realized.....documents from out of state need to be sealed out of state.  I was born in IL and my birth certificate needs to be State sealed in IL.  This makes sense...I just didn't think about it before today.  It was a little funny cause the lady in GR looked at me like I was stupid and said "I can't seal documents from California and Illinois"...opps! 

So we sent Chad's employer letter back to CA to get sealed....that's going to be one expensive document by the time all is said and done.  It was $20 for the notary...$25 to have it overnighted here...(at this point we realize it needs to go back to CA....oh well) $20 to the Secretary of state to have a State seal (this verifies that the notary is who they say they are)...and $10 to have it sent priority mail there (CA) and back.  So now we wait again.  It's a race between IL and CA... who will get our documents back sooner?  We'll be praying for them to come quickly so we can stop waiting on the dossier phase to be finialized...

California says it averages 2 weeks for the documents to be authenticated....we'll pray it goes quicker!  So even though I'm a little disappointed not to have our dossier at Bethany's Corporate office, I'm still so thankful God has moved all our paperwork along quickly....we're still way ahead of schedule..praise God!
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Passport in 2 weeks!

Lora Dykstra - 2009-05-07
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Praise God!  We got my passport today!  I was told 4 weeks minimum.  Again, God is good!  So we did some scrambling today and got all the other pieces of paperwork together and when Chad's employer letter arrives tomorrow (being over-nighted) the dossier should be complete.  So hopefully either tomorrow or Monday we will go in and have it reviewed, and if everything is good then it's off to GR to get each document "State Sealed"....then to Kinkos to make 4 copies of everything then to Bethany Corporate (thankful they are all near each other in GR).  The packet will get reviewed for a couple days and then it's off to Washington DC to the Embassy to be Authenicated.  From there our paperwork goes to Ethiopia!  So, We are hopefully that our dossier will be in Ethiopia in mid to late May....and I was hoping for August...yeah God!  Once the paperwork is in Ethiopia we won't hear for a long time....until we get our referrals.  We are told it is 6-24 months of waiting.  But we know God's timing is perfect and if He wants to place our children quicker, He will, we've seen that already!  We'll be sure to update when we know the paperwork is on it's way to Ethiopia.  Until then, God Bless!!
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Immigration Pre-approval!

Lora Dykstra - 2009-04-30
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I flipped through the mail this afternoon not expecting anything good.  Then I saw it, and thought, "no way."  I ripped it open and started to tremble a little.  There it was on the bottom of the document I-171H.  THE golden ticket!  This pre-approval is supposed to take 3 months.  God got ours through in 25 days!!  I wasn't going to start watching the mail for it until July!!  We've been praying for the whole process and specifically that paperwork would go quickly and smoothly, but I never imagined less than a month.  God is so good!

So now to get the rest of the Dossier papers together.  We have to go to the Sheriff for our police clearances, get an employer letter and two reference letters.  Then the only missing piece is my (Lora's) passport.  I applied about a week ago and have been told 4 weeks.  So now we can specifically pray for the passport to come quickly!

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