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July 1, 2009 - The official wait begins!

Lora Dykstra - 2009-07-02
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We are officially "waiting"....wait, I think we have been waiting, but now it's official.  What?

Our papers have officially been sent to Ethiopia as of yesterday!  So our status is officially "waiting for referral!"  WOW!  Now we don't hear anything until we get a  call from Bethany saying "We have a referral for you!"

Wait time is a huge guessing game...likely 6-24 months.  So now we need your prayers as we wait.  Pray for patience for us and for health and provisions for our future children and their caregivers.  Pray for God to prepare the hearts of Abigail and Benjamin to be amazing siblings to these precious children.  Pray for Chad and I to be prepared for the challenges (and joys!) of parenting a multi-cultural family!

So yes, now we wait... but more importantly we pray, we prepare and we wait on the Lord!
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Dossier in route to DC!

Lora Dykstra - 2009-06-16
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We have received word that our papers were sent to Washington DC on June 11th.  The papers  will be "Authenticated" and then sent back to GR, before they head on to Ethiopia!  I am still hopeful that our papers will be in route to Ethiopia by late June:)  We'll post again when we get word of that!
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Dossier Change.

Lora Dykstra - 2009-06-04
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When you start the adoption process you are told to expect changes and we have just had our first (maybe of many, hopefully of few). Yesterday, we got an email that told us that due to a change within Bethany, we would have to re-do a couple of pieces of our dossier.  So yesterday we got our new papers printed, signed and notarized, then it was off to the Office of the Great State Seal in GR.  After 35 minutes of waiting, $4 fee, and 10 minutes in the mall play area to keep the children sane, it was back on the road to Bethany's Corporate office in GR. 

And even though a change like this may seem bothersome, we find it a time to thank God.  I believe if we would have turned in our paperwork a month ago, our papers would have gone to Washington DC to get Authenticated (and we'd pay the $400 fee) and then when this change came around, we would have had to redo them like I did yesterday and then have them Authenticated (is that a word?) again and I'm assuming with more fees.  So this timing of the change probably caused no delays and probably saved us some money...Praise God on both accounts!

So now we continue to wait to hear that our papers are on their way to D.C.  Then hopefully some time this month they will fly over the ocean to their new home in Ethiopia!
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