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"The Next Time"

Chad Dykstra - 2010-12-01
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We woke up this morning to much excitement from Abi and Ben.  There is snow on the ground!  How exciting (for a child).  December has arrived, and brought with it the very first taste of winter in Michigan.  We were sure to take some pictures and video of Abi and Ben playing in the snow this morning...partially to introduce their brother and sister, and partially to visually prepare them for the radical shift in weather they are about to experience.

The last few days have been a whirlwind!  Packing, preparing the house for two new children, trying to get work tasks wrapped up (not back to work until December 20)! Most importantly we've been trying to spend some "quality time" with Abi and Ben to get them through the next week and a half.  Oh, who am I get us through the next week and a half!  

The last few days are a surreal time in the mind of a new parent.  I find myself thinking "the next time" quite often.  The next time I do X, the boys will be here!  The next time I do Y, the boys will be here!  Even silly things like grabbing 2 pieces of bread out of the loaf to make myself a sandwich for lunch.  A and Z will probably eat bread from this very loaf!  It's a little silly, but oh, so exciting to think about.  So exciting to look around our house and picture them in their room and playing with the toys that are usually scattered all over the floor as a boobie-trap for would be robbers.

We're loaded up and ready to go.  We will get Abi on the bus for school and then we're off to the airport.  The next time we step foot in our home, our whole family will be together!

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Time to Pack!

Chad Dykstra - 2010-11-29
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We just got official confirmation that we need to be in Ethiopia on Tuesday, December 7 for our U.S. Embassy interview!  This means that we are wheels up on Wednesday, December 1...yes, 48 hours from now!  Obviously, this is good news! 

So much to little time!  Preparing for a trip and then getting ready to come home to a family of's going to be a busy couple of days!

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When are we supposed to leave again?

Chad Dykstra - 2010-11-26
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Well, it's now November 26, and we still don't have our official invitation to travel to Ethiopia on December 1!  Yes - that's 5 days from now.  We're doing OK...but it's starting to get hard!  Bethany is doing what they can (we know it's not your fault Belinda, we still love you) but the US Embassy in Addis is overloaded, on a golf retreat, celebrating Thanksgiving for the past few weeks, or just generally busy.  We're being told that we will hear on Monday if everything is cleared for our trip.

The wait doesn't bother us so much, we're just hoping they don't consider it "too short of notice" and decide to postpone it until December 23 or beyond.  At this point, we've already booked our tickets because the change fee is less than we'd probably have spent to buy our tickets last minute.  If we're required to change our tickets, there would be an extra $1000 in change fees plus any fare difference, which at this point is at least $700 per ticket due to the next Embassy appointments being on December 21 and returning home on Christmas eve.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate them!  Please pray the embassy has time to review the cases on Monday and that we get good news!  We'll be sure to update as soon as we hear back.

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