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We have flights booked!

Lora Dykstra - 2010-08-19
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We feel so blessed!  We got the call today!  We have a court date!!!!  October 27th :)  We have several other families that we know that will be traveling at a very similar time and I thought it would be wonderful to get the same flights.  But Chad had an even better idea.  Airline miles!!  What are the chances that we could use them?  Not very good, except God seemed to be working!  Chad spent about an hour on the phone and when it was all said and done we saved about $2500 by using our miles!  The lady who assisted Chad was really surprised by how well it all worked were we!   WHAT A BLESSING!  We have a two day layover in Germany...but hey, mini-vacation!:)  I've never been to Europe before!  It's perfect!  We are soooo blessed!

We are also so excited for the families we get to be in Ethiopia with!  We know it will be such a blessing to travel with people we've already started to form friendships with. 

If everything were to go well....we might be on the timeline for an embassy Date of December 7th.  That would be SOOOOOO great.  If we miss that, the next date is 2 weeks later, December 21st.  Either one would be SOOOO great, but I'm praying for the 7th:)  I'd love to have our boys home in 2010!  We are just so excited to see God's timing playing out!

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