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New Pictures & Great Un-expected News!

Lora Dykstra - 2010-08-14
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This week we got an e-mail stating that our court application has been turned in and they will continue to assign court dates even though courts are now closed until late September.  This was such a wonderful surprise!!  We had expected to wait until Sept 28th, have the application turned in with TONS of others and then wait weeks to get a date.  Now we should hear next week what our court date is!!!  It will likely be in early November, but how exciting to be able to book our plane tickets and get our lodging arranged and child care lined up (for Abi and Ben, cause no they are not coming:)!  Several other friends of ours also got this great news which means it's very likely we will get to travel with people we've already met in person or at least on-line, people we've been hoping to meet! 

We also got 10 new pictures of our boys!  It is so fun to look at them!!  We also know that they are already in Addis, which is fun to know:)  With each picture, you can imagine a little bit of personality. 

Please pray that we hear early in the week about a court date...cause it will be hard to "wait" knowing that the info could be coming any time.  I guess I just need to work on some projects and keep myself busy!  We've been moving furniture and beds, so I do have plenty of cleaning and organizing to do.  I'm also re-reading the book "The Hole in Our Gospel" to get ideas for our church because we are doing a sermon series on it is fall.  WHAT A POWERFUL BOOK!  If you get the chance, READ IT! 

Look forward to posting our court date when we hear.....that's so exciting to say!!!

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