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Praise God! We've been Matched!!

Lora Dykstra - 2010-07-23
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We been matched with two precious boys!!  They are siblings (the have to be with Bethany).  “Z” is approx 5.5 years old, and “A” is about 3 years old.  “Z” is described as very active, enjoying soccer and running.  From his pictures, I’d say he’s a real charmer!!  What a beautiful smile!  Younger brother “A” is described saying, “quiet yet communicates well”.  He likes to sing and one of his favorite prayer is “Thank you God”.  “A” has one of the sweetest faces in the world!  Can wait to meet these precious boys!

Hopefully on Monday, we will be turn in our acceptance paperwork and making sure everything else is up-to-date.  We had an appointment today to update our fingerprints, which expire after 15 months (go figure, it doesn't seem possible for them to change, right?).  Now we have to update our  Immigration Pre-approval which expires in October.  The extra paper work would have had to be done even without the referral of these two boys, but let me tell's much more exciting knowing the names and faces of the precious boys we've been matched with!!! 

Next , we wait for a court date (which under new rules we have to travel for).  Court closes every year for 6-8 weeks in Aug/Sept.  This year they close Aug 8 until September 28th.  I’m assuming we will be hoping and praying for a court date in Oct or Nov and maybe will be able to travel again for the embassy date in Dec or Jan to bring the boys home.  These approximations are likely only if things go smoothly.  There are no guarantees on the timing, especially because no families have yet traveled under these new rules.  No one knows exactly what the two trips will look like and what the timing will be.

We are so excited to finally be at this point, with names and faces of these precious children!   We covet your prayers for their health and well being.  We also pray that they will adjust well to all the changes they have and will be going through.  Praise God for bringing us to this point in our journey!

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