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Exciting movement in the Ethiopia Program

Lora Dykstra - 2010-01-06
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Honestly, since September when there were 9 referrals in a has been slow watching the forum for seemed like 1-3/month.  People had been waiting 14-15 months for their referrals and it just made our wait seem to be very long.  BUT the past two days have been SO EXCITING.  There have been at least 15 referrals!  So many people on the forum have been blown away because they have only waited 9 months or less.  Yesterday someone with an Aug 2009 DTE (Dossier To Ethiopia) received a referral!  That's only 5 months!!   As some of you know, there were 6 people on the boards with the same DTE as ours (July 1, 2009)...and 4 or us wanting sibs 1-5 years old.  Well, today one of those reported getting a referral...they were open to a single child or sibs and they got a referral for a little 3.5 year old child.  So if we had requested a single child up to 4, that could have been us! 

When ever people ask, I've been saying... "We've waited 6 months and expect it to be at least 6 more"....but could be sooner!  The reason for all this movement is our agency has just partnered with a new orphanage which seems to be large with many different locations.  One wonderful thing is that our agency is very dedicated in making sure the child comes first..."they are finding families for children, not children for families"....which is an important difference!

So on the boards (which only represents 40-50% of those in the program) there is only one sib group in front of our group and 3 in our group.  I'm hoping with this new relationship with a new orphanage, more sib groups will become available!  So we continue to trust in God's perfect timing...but we are more optimistic that it could be 1-2 months before we get the referral (pics & info) instead of 6-8 months.  Please pray for our patience in this exciting time!

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