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Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Lora Dykstra - 2009-11-26
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Dear Heavenly Father,

               We praise your name because you alone are Holy.  You alone are worthy.  You are the Alpha and Omega.  You are the Father of the heavenly lights….all good things are from you. 

               We confess, Lord, that we often fall short of the calling that we have received.  We are sinful people and we ask that you would forgive us.  Help us to be more like you.  Fill us with you love, you joy, your peace.  May we be a light to those around us.

               Thank you, God, for this special day.  Each day is a gift from you.  We are grateful to have this Thanksgiving Day to spend with family.  Our hearts are full when we think of all the good things you’ve blessed us with.  We thank you for the sunny and warm weather we’ve enjoyed this November.  We thank you for the freedoms that we enjoy in our country.  We thank you for all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for those freedoms.  Thank you, Father, for your creation, for your Son and the sacrifice our Lord Jesus made on the cross to save us from our sin. 

               Thank you for the adoption journey you have called us to.  Thank you for all the other families who are also in the process of adopting.  We thank you for those we have been able to start connecting with on the adoption forum.  Thank you for the encouragement and prayers that we can support each other with.   We pray for all those who are waiting for court dates, and travel dates…to be so close to having their precious children home.  We pray especially for those who have paperwork that needs to be corrected in a timely fashion for them to be able to travel.  We pray for all of those who are waiting for a referral.  Lord, it can be so hard to wait.  Help us to make the most of our time.  Help us to learn how to be better parents.  Help us to serve you in our waiting time. 

               Lord, we know that you have a heart for orphans.   Thank you for giving us a tender heart for children…especially orphans.  We thank you for all those who care for these children.  We thank you for those who are involved in foster care and adoption through the foster care system.  We thank you for all those you are involved in orphan care.  We thank you for all those who sponsor children.  We thank you for all those who have dedicated their lives to serve the fatherless.

               We pray for all those in the world affected by AIDS and HIV.  We thank you for modern medicine.  We thank you for medicine that can make living with HIV possible.  We specifically pray for all the children who have lost one or both parents due to AIDS.  We pray that you would comfort them and provide for all their needs.

               Lord, we love you and we want to serve you better.  Thank you for your love!  We pray all of this in your Holy Name, Amen!!

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