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One Year and Counting!

Chad Dykstra - 2009-11-18
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I’ve been telling Lora she needs to update the blog, and figured that I may as well do it myself.  I’m a big boy, after all. 

Well, it’s been a full year since we began our adoption journey.  And what a year it has been!  With the whirlwind of paperwork and hoops to jump through largely behind us, we can now sit and wait patiently - or sometimes impatiently – for the process to continue!

As we wait, Lora has been connecting with other adoptive moms on the Bethany forums and reading as much as she can about adoption and caring for adopted children.  Me…not so much!  We are taking in some required training from Bethany whenever possible and attending other adoption-related events.  We’re also dreaming of ways we as a local church can work to help orphans both here in Michigan and around the world.  For those at East Saugatuck, stay tuned for more information on that!

As one way of starting to bring a global picture into our household, we’re getting a world map and hanging it on the wall in the house.  We’ll have push-pins for our little location in Michigan, Ethiopia, the locations of our four sponsored World Vision/Compassion children, and also the locations of our friends who are currently on or are entering the mission field.  We’re hopeful this is a great way to make a very big world very personal to our children.

With November being National Adoption Month, it really brings adoption to the forefront of with lots of media time for both TV and radio.  It’s interesting to hear all the press coverage and think about how much it was poking and prodding us in the right direction just one year ago!  We’re praying that this coverage raises awareness and will touch others to do their part to help the cause of the 143+ million orphans in the world today.

For those who haven’t already seen it or heard about it, Lora and I were on Fox17 news last week at a Bethany-sponsored event/concert.   Here’s the linkage:

To leave you, I’d like to share a video that tries to show the magnitude of the number 143 million.  What can you do to help one orphan today?

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