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Immigration Pre-approval!

Lora Dykstra - 2009-04-30
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I flipped through the mail this afternoon not expecting anything good.  Then I saw it, and thought, "no way."  I ripped it open and started to tremble a little.  There it was on the bottom of the document I-171H.  THE golden ticket!  This pre-approval is supposed to take 3 months.  God got ours through in 25 days!!  I wasn't going to start watching the mail for it until July!!  We've been praying for the whole process and specifically that paperwork would go quickly and smoothly, but I never imagined less than a month.  God is so good!

So now to get the rest of the Dossier papers together.  We have to go to the Sheriff for our police clearances, get an employer letter and two reference letters.  Then the only missing piece is my (Lora's) passport.  I applied about a week ago and have been told 4 weeks.  So now we can specifically pray for the passport to come quickly!

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