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Melkam Gena!

Chad Dykstra - 2013-01-07
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Merry Christmas! 
The holidays are now behind us, and most of us have moved on from times of togetherness (and feasting) to times of new beginnings. Times of resolutions to lose the 5 pounds we may or may not have gained over the past month and a half. This may be a strange time of year to wish you a Merry Christmas...but in Ethiopia, today is Christmas Day! We're fortunate that as a "culturally diverse" family we are able to celebrate holidays like Christmas two times!
We had a fantastic time tonight celebrating Gena (Christmas) with great friends and amazing Ethiopian food. Thanks to the Bakkers for coming over tonight to celebrate with us. We had a wonderful meal and watched videos from our time in Ethiopia two years ago, which brough back great memories. A & Z were so small!
We're so glad that through adoption we've been able to not only grow our family, but increase our cultural and culinary experiences as well! Even Abi has grown to love injera and Ethiopian food. Her favorite dish is Zilzil Aleecha - or a steak dish served in a green pepper sauce. We've continued over the past two years to chip away at Ethiopian cooking, and in the last few months really feel great about the food we can make and we just love it. We've made it three times in the past month alone! We're challenged with a few picky eaters and with 5 out of 6 of us liking it, there are very few meals that have that high of a success rate so we figured why not add it to a regular rotation.
Here are a few pictures of our adventures in Ethiopian cooking over the past month. Pardon the grainy #iphonography.
A stack of injera fresh from the mitad
Injera with edges peeling and ready to come off
A plate of traditional Ethiopian food featuring 'doro wat',
a spicy chicken dish, and a glass of t'ej (Ethiopian honey wine)
Tonight's Gena celebration dinner, complete with Abi's favorite Zilzil Aleecha
I've tossed around the idea of adding an "Ethiopian cooking" section to our website to post recipes, pictures, and tips of our cultural culinary adventures. If anyone is interested in that, feel free to drop a comment below and let me know. I think a place to share tips, tricks, and recipes could be of great help! There are a lot of families with a connection to Ethiopia in West Michigan (and around the country for that matter.) We're definitely better together. I know we wouldn't have the recipes we have without trading, tweaking, and sharing with others (thanks Jen!)
Tonight, you may be depressed about settling in for a long winter and the endless couds and snow (or rain....huh?) that it brings. If so...rejoice! You have one more chance today to relish Christmas and focus on the reason for the season apart from all the presents and stress of the holidays. To that, I say Melkam Gena!

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