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Why I Run

Chad Dykstra - 2012-10-03
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It's hard to believe it's been almost 7 months since our last blog. I do have more to say, and I promise to get to that soon! Today, I wanted to tell you why I run.

As many of you probably know,I've once again been training for the Chicago Marathon this fall. It's hard to believe, but this week is race week! After taking the fall of 2011 off running because of the changes in our family over the past couple years, I am excited to run again this year for Team World Vision.

Last time I ran in 2010, Lora and I had not yet traveled to Ethiopia to meet Zinabu and Abatu. We were running with a picture of our boys to remind us why we run. Today, that is all just a memory for us, but I run this year with a new picture. More about that in a bit.

This summer, I took our kids out for a run. Abatu's a pretty fast little guy, and the two of us finished the mile to the Rabbit River before everyone else. We walked up on the bridge and Abatu told me "This is like the river we got water from in Ethiopia. We had to walk over a big hill and then we got to the river."
Imagine walking multiple times a day to a dirty river to collect all the water you need for the day. This is still the reality for a large part of the world, and it's still the reality for A&Z's biological family in Ethiopia.
As I mentioned earlier, two years ago we ran with a picture of our boys pinned to my jersey. This year while I run, I am going to run with a picture of Anada. Anada is a biological sister of Zinabu and Abatu. She's of school age, but doesn't go to school and part of her daily tasks involve collecting water for the family. Imagine how her world might be different if clean water were available.
The need for clean water in this world is very real. The effect on our Ethiopian family is very real. This breaks my heart. Although there's nothing I can do to provide water directly to Anada and her family, I can help provide this basic necessity to others in Ethiopia through Team World Vision.
Some of you have already supported this great cause, and I'd like to say thank you for coming alongside me and helping to make a difference. While in Ethiopia, Lora and I were able to visit a completed World Vision water project and talk to a woman who no longer had to walk 45 minutes to get water. Together, we really are changing lives.
World Vision has found that it takes just $50 to provide water for one person for life. Would you please consider supporting me with a tax deductible donation and once again helping me provide clean water to those in need? Perhaps providing water for just one person, or if you are able, maybe even for a whole family. Also please pray for Anada and her family. Pray for their health and protection. I'll be praying that their village is the next World Vision water project!
You can support me by visiting my fundraising page at or just clicking "donate now" below. If you'd prefer to send a check, please just let me know. You can mail a check made out to World Vision to our home address (3669 36th St, Hamilton, MI 49419) and I'll be sure you get a tax receipt.

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Posted by Sisi on 2015-10-12

That saves me. Thanks for being so selsnbie!

Posted by Anday on 2015-10-14

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