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All I Want for Father's Day

Chad Dykstra - 2011-06-16
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Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that it’s Father’s Day this weekend.  If you’re living under a rock, consider this your warning.
Around our house, we aren’t big on gifts.  It’s rare for Lora and I to present each other with a big expensive gift for Mother’s day or Father’s day – or even birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas for that matter.  It’s happens once in a while…but it’s few and far between.  We’re both OK with this…at least I think we are.  I hope we are!  Usually gifts just get thrown in a drawer after a while anyways.  Unfortunately, our moms and dads also usually suffer the consequences of our lame gift-giving this time of the year.  Sorry about that, guys.

First…let me say that I have been very blessed.  I have an amazing dad and a fabulous dad-in-law.  They’re two of the best guys I know.  Love you guys!  We have very close families, which is such a blessing!  I can’t imagine anything that would break our family apart.  But it happens to families every day.

Yezelalem Minch is a ministry in Ethiopia that exists to keep families together.  They provide sponsorships for vulnerable children – often those whose parents are sick or have died.  By sponsoring a child through YM, you help that child stay in the home with parents or other family by helping to meet their basic needs.  In addition to child sponsorships, they also provide community development projects including educational programs, health care, vocational training, and much more.  By meeting these needs, they are preventing the primary reason that children are given up for adoption.  And you keep families together.  We are proud to sponsor Rediet through Yezelalem Minch.  You can read our blog 75 bucks for more information on our sponsorship of Rediet.

YM is an amazing ministry – but they need our help.  Rent costs in Addis Ababa are skyrocketing, and there is so much need for their programs that they are running out of room.  The Future Hope Campaign has been launched to raise the funds necessary to purchase and develop property for the program’s operations as well as a new vocational center.

A Walk for Hope has been scheduled for this weekend in Grand Rapids to raise money and awareness for this project.  We as a family will be walking 3 miles on Saturday.  Yes – this includes all four kids!  This is where you come in.

I don’t generally care too much for Father’s Day gifts…but this year I'd really like one.  And I need your help to get it.  All I want for Father’s Day this year is for families to be able to stay together.  We care enough for this ministry that we are going to step out in faith and personally match all donations up to $500.  To this point, we aren’t anywhere close to that.  One more thing - If you choose to sponsor a child through Yezelalem Minch for $30 a month, we will donate $100 to the Future Hope Campaign.

Please consider supporting this amazing ministry.  We’re very blessed to be a part of it, and you can also be blessed!   If you would like to donate or sponsor a child, please follow this link to the Contact page and just shoot us a quick note letting us know.

For more information on YM and the Future Hope Campaign, you can visit and

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Posted by Linda Schuitema on 2011-06-20

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chad!  You and Lora are to be commended on your work with orphans!  Jim & I will look at what we can do! We'll get back with you!

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