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A Positive Family Blog

Chad Dykstra - 2011-01-10
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The last few blogs have admittedly been a little more negative (or less happy-sounding) than most of our previous posts.  This is simply due to the part of the process that we are in...the survival part!  I'd like to take this opportunity to shift focus to the positive again.

Today was a good day for us.  We aren't ending the day overly tired or frustrated.  The kids played well most of the day.  They had a blast sledding down the hill in front of our house and were out there for a long time this afternoon.  That translated into quiet time for daddy as he worked, which was really nice!  The boys really like the snow.  The funny thing is they probably have no idea that it will go away in the spring.  Coming from an area where the climate is always the same, they probably just assume that it will always be cold and snowy. I'm sure they will like spring, summer, and fall also.

We seem to be taking baby steps toward normal.  We still deal with lots of tantrums over little things on a daily basis...but over the last few days, they have been decreasing in number, intensity, and duration.  We're starting to get a discipline routine down that is working.  The boys are starting to use English a little more each day.  I feel like communication is becoming less of a frustration for everyone as we learn more words in their language, they learn more words in ours, and we learn how to communicate without speaking the same language.  All of these changes are baby steps, but baby steps are still steps.

Sitting around the dinner table tonight, I was trying to imagine how different it would be if it were just the four of us sitting at that table.  I can't even imagine it anymore.  A family of six is starting to feel normal!  As of today, in fact, this is no longer our adoption blog but rather our family blog.  The paperwork and waiting are behind us, and now we work towards strengthening our relationship as a family.  We are starting to feel more like a family every day.   The boys are our children - and we love them like our children.  It feels like they love us like mom & dad - and that's a good feeling.  A positive feeling.

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