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A Blessed Christmas

Chad Dykstra - 2010-12-24
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As we are quickly approach Christmas, we remember how blessed we are and all that we have to be thankful for!

Indeed, we do have so much to be thankful for this year.  We’re thankful for our wonderful friends and family who have stood by us and supported us over the last few months, and for those who have brought meals over and made many mealtimes much easier as we’re working towards our new normal.  We’re thankful for Abi and Ben and what a blessing they are, and how big they’re getting.  We’re thankful that Zinabu and Abatu are finally here with us, and that they’re acclimating so well to life in our home. 

It’s easy in all the hustle to forget those who have a part of them missing during the holiday season.  We also remember to pray for our friends we initially traveled with who do not yet have their children home – those whose “whole” is still thousands of miles away and without a family.  We remember those whose “whole” has passed away, in many cases far too soon.  And we remember those whose “whole” is now living in America with us, even though they themselves are still struggling just to survive in Ethiopia.

We’re especially thankful for Jesus as we celebrate His birth.  That is the true meaning of this season, after all – and the true “whole”.  To quote what may quite possibly be my favorite Christmas song, “The Miracle of Christmas” by Steven Curtis Chapman…

The God who spoke is speaking still…and the God who came still comes.  And the miracle that happened still happens in the heart that will believe - and receive - the miracle of Christmas.

We are thankful that God still speaks, still comes, and has shown Himself to us so evidently over the past year.  What a Christmas miracle!

I’d like to conclude with a little Christmas poem. I hope you enjoy:

It’s Christmas at the Dykstras, as children scurry across the floor.
Many creatures are stirring – well, actually, just four!
Six stockings are hung by the fireplace here;
Which is two more than were hanging there this time last year!
Mealtime and bedtime take longer than before,
So would leaving the house, if we ever went through the door.
We have pointing and grunting because language sometimes fails,
But we’re all learning together and communication eventually prevails.
We celebrate - finally together – a family full of Christmas cheer,
And we thank God for His blessings during this most blessed year!

Merry Christmas from the Dykstra family!

Love Zinabu, Abigail, Abatu, Benjamin, and our faithful "wushaw" Bandit!

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