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Let the Insanity Begin!

Chad Dykstra - 2010-12-16
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Let the Insanity Begin!  I will start by saying that considering we have 4 kids between 3 and 6 speaking two different languages, things are going really well!  We are able to communicate with the boys in a reasonable manner...although there are definitely times I wish I knew exactly what they are saying.  The boys are behaving well overall.  I'm not expecting it to stay this way forever - I suspect there's some form of "honeymoon period" that we're in where the boys are still getting used to their new surroundings.  Zinabu is starting to settle down a little bit when we need to discipline him. Instead of "time-outs", they suggest with adopted children giving a "time-in" or forcing them to sit on your lap for a period of time.  Initially he would cry about it for over 45 minutes!  As of now, we are down to 15-20 minutes.  Slow and steady progress!

Abi has been a great "big" sister and is very loving and considerate towards the boys.  For example, if one of them gets hurt, she'll bring them a stuffed animal to make them feel better.  We're very proud of what a big girl she has been.  Ben still doesn't know quite what to think about all of it and definitely seems to be acting out/acting up to get attention.

We went to the doctor Tuesday for the first time.  Both boys had been running a fever over the past few days and we just wanted to get them checked out.  It turns out between the 2 boys; we have three ear infections and one case of pneumonia.  Sheesh!  Antibiotics all around.  Starting at the first of the year (when the flex money refreshes!) the boys will be on a first name basis with the doctor.  We'll start if off with blood work (or "the works"), vaccinations, stool samples (3 each), and dentist appointments.   We'll definitely be spending quite a bit of time at the doctor's office in January and beyond.

A couple things that have really surprised us with the boys are food and clothing.  The boys are very picky in what they will eat, and also what they will wear.  They will rifle through the clothes drawers, turning everything upside down before eventually insisting on wearing something that is short sleeved and/or way too big for them.  Today Abatu is wearing a short sleeved shirt and pants so big that he has to hold them up when he walks.  Zinabu is wearing a blue striped turtleneck with grey sweatpants.  We'll probably have to move all of Ben's clothes downstairs just to make sure they don't have the option of pulling them out of the drawer.  They also have a real thing for shoes, and want to wear them all day long.  We can't get them to take them off in the house.  I think we'll need to get them some slippers.

In regards to food, they really like bread and fruit and would eat it all day if they were allowed to.  Believe me - they ask to.  We had to move the fruit off the counter yesterday and into the pantry to get it out of sight out of mind.  They also like honey nut cheerios and have each had 4 (kid-sized) bowls this morning.  We finally had to cut them off.  When it comes to lunch and dinner time, however, they're incredibly picky and it's very hit or miss if they will eat anything at all.  Even American kid staples like hot dogs and mac & cheese.  They seem to enjoy more "traditional" Ethiopian treats, like popcorn with sugar and tea (also with lots of sugar).  Maybe there's a theme there.

Next week, I go back to work!  Fortunately I work from home, so if anything big goes down I'll be here to help.  It's a short week and then I have off again between Christmas and New Year's.  Here's to hoping that doubling the amount of kids in the house doesn't negatively impact my ability to work from home, and that the boys understand that even though Daddy's home, he needs to be left alone!

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