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We (eventually) made it

Chad Dykstra - 2010-12-03
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It has been in interesting couple of days.  Our first flight from Grand Rapids was delayed 2 hours, which caused us to miss our connecting flight into Amsterdam.  We had 2 other couples that we were traveling with, and we were all on the phone with our travel agents trying to get something else lined up.  The original re-booking that Delta did for us wouldn't have got us into Ethiopia until Saturday night!  That just wouldn't do, because we would have missed our trip to the South to visit A&Z's sister.  We would not miss that opportunity at almost any cost.  After several phone calls and working with a few different Delta employees, we were able to get re-booked through Frankfurt, Germany and then took Ethiopian Airlines to get us here (after a 13.5 hour layover in Frankfurt).  We thought about getting out of the airport and taking an afternoon out, but it was 18 degrees and none of us had jackets. Who needs jackets when you're going to Ethiopia?  Apparently we did!

After a Wednesday night red-eye, a 13.5 hour layover on Thursday, and another red-eye on Thursday night, we finally made it!  The last "minor" inconvenience is that our luggage didn't make the flight to Frankfurt and is probably sitting in Amsterdam right now.  We're being told we'll get it Saturday after 11pm or Sunday sometime.  We stopped and bought a few clothes and basics to get us through until then.

We visited A & Z at the orphanage yesterday for over 4 hours.  It was great, and we're really feeling more like we're getting to know them.  We were beat though, and ready to be done by the time we had to leave.  After almost no sleep since Tuesday and an 8 hour time difference, we were ready for a shower and a bed!  I still have trouble sleeping here.  Up at 4am this morning.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

This morning we leave for Southern Ethiopia where we get to meet A & Z's sister and ask her any questions we may have.  She'll also have the opportunity to ask us questions.  We're really looking forward to this opportunity to get more insight into A & Z's family and what life was like before the orphanage.  It's about a 4.5 to 5 hour drive to get to the area the boys lived.  We'll be there overnight and travel home on Sunday.

The next time we see the boys will be on Monday, and they will be coming with us!  We're looking forward to it, but we're going to enjoy our last few days of solitude first.  We'll report back after we return from our trip on Sunday night.

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