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When are we supposed to leave again?

Chad Dykstra - 2010-11-26
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Well, it's now November 26, and we still don't have our official invitation to travel to Ethiopia on December 1!  Yes - that's 5 days from now.  We're doing OK...but it's starting to get hard!  Bethany is doing what they can (we know it's not your fault Belinda, we still love you) but the US Embassy in Addis is overloaded, on a golf retreat, celebrating Thanksgiving for the past few weeks, or just generally busy.  We're being told that we will hear on Monday if everything is cleared for our trip.

The wait doesn't bother us so much, we're just hoping they don't consider it "too short of notice" and decide to postpone it until December 23 or beyond.  At this point, we've already booked our tickets because the change fee is less than we'd probably have spent to buy our tickets last minute.  If we're required to change our tickets, there would be an extra $1000 in change fees plus any fare difference, which at this point is at least $700 per ticket due to the next Embassy appointments being on December 21 and returning home on Christmas eve.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate them!  Please pray the embassy has time to review the cases on Monday and that we get good news!  We'll be sure to update as soon as we hear back.

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Posted by Yenifer on 2015-10-12

81aThank you for all your service to our notian. I am a fellow patriot who beleive in freedom, liberty, and prosperity. I am still a registered democrat, but this will change emmedietly. I am a hipanic/latino from Denver Co. I am against illigal , and it is not fair when my grand folks had to follow the law of the land, and the illigals today gets to break the law, and be rewarded for it. Denver is a santuary city for illigals, and companies get to hire them, and replace legal citizens with illigal immigrant workers. This is not prosperity for the american hardworking taxpayers. When will we start inforcing our laws again? I also like to be part of your campaign.

Posted by Def on 2015-10-14

HEATHER YOU ARE GORGEOUS AND RICHARD SO HANDSOME- a real understatement!! Am sure you all could make a fonutre modeling on the side. May sound crazy, but there is a group in NY City called Models for Christ some used to go to Redeemer and were young like you all. I just got an email about a a fund raiser they were doing recently. Maybe there is similar group in Canada. Could be an open door??Miss you and love you all lots, Judy [url=]qptynrt[/url] [link=]wofiltcoy[/link]

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