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Here we go again...almost!

Chad Dykstra - 2010-11-16
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We received good news yesterday!  We have "official" word that Bethany has received the birth certificates for the boys, and that they are trying for a US Embassy date in Ethiopa of December 7!  This means that if all works as planned, we will be back in the air by December 1 on our way to get our boys!  We are obviously very excited about this.  Although we don't have "official" notification to travel, we're busy making travel arrangements.  December 1 is only 2 weeks away, and plane tickets will go nowhere but up, up, up the longer we wait!  They have already gone up from when we looked before...but that is the way it goes.

We look forward to our next trip, where we'll hopefully get to travel to meet A & Z's older sister.  We'll also get to spend several days living with the boys in Ethiopia, getting to know each other.  We aren't looking forward to the flight home, but we are looking forward to having the boys home!  It looks like we are going to be able to travel back with 2 other families who are adopting friends of A & Z.  One of them will be parting with us in Minneapolis on their way back to Wisconsin, the other will travel with us all the way to Grand Rapids - they live in Holland!

When we return home, you may think that we have fallen off the face of the Earth, disappeared, disowned family and friends, changed churches, decided to move back to Ethiopia, or that we just plain don't like you anymore!  We promise none of these will be the case.  We will be on "lockdown" mode for several weeks and you may not see us around much.  While we do look forward to introducing the boys to all of our friends, family, and church...we first need to introduce the boys!  It will be important for us to spend several weeks together as a family while A, B, A, and Z get acquainted as siblings, and as we form the relationship of Daddy and Mommy with them.  We realize this is an inconvenience to everyone (including us - we really want to show off our handsome boys!) but it is a necessary step for the health of our family.

All the pictures from our first trip have been uploaded to the website - you can view them on the Picture Galleries page.  We are not allowed to post pictures of the boys but we do have them available to those who request them.  If you'd like to see those pictures, just let us know via the contact page and we'll send you the private link and password to access them!

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