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All in God's timing

Lora Dykstra - 2010-09-08
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I just have to take a minute to praise God for His timing....His wonderful, perfect timing!  During our wait for our referral, God granted me wonderful peace.  I wanted to be matched but I rested in a peace that passed MY understanding.  Then after 1 year and 1 week, we were matched with our precious "Z" and "A"  Now we wait for our court date...but I feel so busy with life, I know the time will just fly!  During our wait we felt called to two things.  Run with Team World Vision, and work on starting an orphan ministry.. Also the book, "The Hole in Our Gospel" has been such a powerful and convicting book and we are so excited to be doing a 6 week series at our church this this is how the timing has worked out...

Sept 11 - Brother Mike's Wedding in Rock Island, IL

Sept 12- Lora runs Chicago half marathon with Team World Vision (along with Lora's mom and 11 others from our church and  approx 500-600 other Team World Vision members!)

Sept 19 - The Hole in Our Gospel Series Starts - Lora leads Worship for 2 morning services

October 10 - Chad runs Chicago marathon with Team World Vision (along with Lora's dad and 2 others from our church- and approx 1000 other Team World Vision members!)

October 20 - Chad and Lora get on a plane to go to Africa to meet our precious "Z" and "A" and go through "Court"

October 26- Chad and Lora get to visit a World Vision site in Ethiopia to see the kind of change that can happen when a community receives clean water!

October 29 - Chad and Lora return home from Africa

October 31 - Orphan Ministry is launched at our church!

I don't know about you, but that timing just blows me away!  Our God is such a BIG GOD!  Everytime I think about this timing, I smile!  Abi started Kindergarten today and I'm really glad she will be in a routine by the time we leave for Africa.  I think that will make us being gone a little easier. 

Also, I would ask for your prayers as our group will be running the half marathon in just over 3 days.  Please pray for strength, safety, and good weather:) 

I also challenge you to consider skipping "eating out "one time this month  (and eat at home instead) and donate that money you would usually spend at a restaurant to help clean water to a community in Africa.  That's all they are asking for, CLEAN WATER.  I can hardly imagine!  So whether you usually spend $10 or $40 on a meal out with your family, please consider donating today!  Maybe even talk with your family over that meal about why you are staying home and what your donation is going for.  I think it's great when kids understand just a little bit of how "good" we have it!

Your donation is tax-deductible and 100% goes to World Vision so they can help a community with clean water and proper sanitation!                  Or mail a check made out to "WORLD VISION" to me.  Contact me if you need our address!

Thank you and GOD BLESS you and your family!!

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